Years ago the lead time for my private appointment schedule had stretched to five years. I mention this not to be all about me, because I truly believe that real healthcare is actually all about you. I mention the extent of the waiting list as evidence that the program that I use really does make a positive difference. In response to the length of that waiting list I no longer offer personal consults of any type. Instead, all of the resources to implement this program are shared online at no charge. This allows equal access to this program and enables you to implement it in conjunction with your own doctor in a timeframe that works for you.

In today’s society of social media, word spreads rapidly, and it was that positive feedback that allowed for my small private practice in a rural town in the mountains of Maine to grow to literally a worldwide client base of over thousands of individuals. At that time I did not, and I still do not feel that anyone should have to wait five years to get on the path to better health. I made a paradigm shift; I stopped offering private appointments and started sharing all of my information online at no charge. With this approach everyone would have access to it and could implement it to the extent they wanted with their own doctor. This was the only way I could think of to be fair to everyone. If I were to continue with private appointments how would I pick whom to work with? The parent with the child most severely affected with autism? The parent of multiple affected children on the spectrum? The adult with the most health problems who still needs to deal with an ailing husband and a mother with dementia while caring for her four children? There was no way to pick, all of you need and deserve equal time, help and attention. So that is why the answer was simply to share. To share all the details and resources on line at no charge and ask that all you do is to take advantage of those resources to have the tools to help yourself.

This paradigm shift in approaching health by simply sharing all of the resources online at no cost always causes me to think of a quote from one of my favorite poems, The Invitation by Oriah Mountain Dreamer. “It doesn’t interest me to know where you live or how much money you have. I want to know if you can get up after the night of grief and despair, weary and bruised to the bone and do what needs to be done to feed the children.” It is not about picking the individual to work with who is willing to pay the most for your time, or the one who screams the loudest that they need the help, it is about helping anyone who is willing to get up bruised and weary and still do what needs to be done for their families.

The other piece I ask is to find a doctor or practitioner you can work with that will help you to implement the program. Since I do not charge for my time and resources I feel that you can instead spend the funds on an appointment with the doctor/practitioner of your choice. I would encourage you to ask others on the chat group ( about their choices of physicians. At each of my conferences there are a number of doctors/practitioners who attend and are familiar with the program. There is a lovely array of doctors, male and female, young and old with a range of different personalities and medical backgrounds who have attended the conferences and may be the right fit for you. I do not suggest or give out names, I leave that to others so that you can get an honest unfiltered opinion from individuals who are actually using the program and will let you know what they think. Remember though, this program is designed for you to take advantage of the resources to understand the program yourself and not just to rely on your doctor to tell you what to do. This idea is that knowledge is power and the more you know the better you can work with your doctor/practitioner for true and lasting good health.

In the past you went to your physician who was the source of all greater knowledge in a long white coat who told you what to do and what to take and you trusted that he or she had all of the answers, you obediently followed that advice without having to think. There is nothing wrong with that approach. It’s just that I do it differently. I share all of the “why’ behind the suggestions. I donate my time essentially 24/7 to share this information and then the expectation is that those who choose to follow the program are willing to put in their time to understand the “why” so they can make informed choices, which they then share with their own doctor/practitioner and in many cases actually serve to educate their own physicians. I understand that not everyone is comfortable with this approach and that is okay too. I have found that I can help more people and pay it forward by sharing information and giving others the opportunity to “read it, learn it, live it”.

At this time I do continue to make personal comments on tests that are ordered through Holistic Health International ( for those who still want my personal feedback that they can then share with their own doctors. However, the majority of those who follow this program do not run tests for my comments but do the entire program via testing through their own doctor.  We have over 71,000 people on the Facebook page following the program and about 21,000 on the chat group; only a small fraction of these individuals find it necessary to have my comments on tests. The majority of those using this program do so entirely by taking advantage of the tools online at no cost to educate themselves and then work to implement the program with their own doctor/practitioner. My role is to provide you with the tools you need to understand the program and then to connect you with others on the program so that you can make informed choices regarding a choice of health care providers as well as your own health care regime.

The workbook, DVDs, PPTs, transcripts of the content of all talks and the chat group are all online for everyone at no cost. The chat group has thousands of posts that I have written answering questions about the program. I do not have appointments and I also do not charge for my time. I work seven days a week, donating my time to help to answer questions and to comment on tests run through HHI. What I ask from anyone using the program is that you take advantage of these resources so you understand the program and can share your knowledge with your own doctor for implementation of the program. My feeling is that I am willing to donate my time to help all of you, and what I need from each of you is to take the time to use the resources so you have an understating of the information that I work so hard to share with all of you. Yes, this is a major paradigm shift in how we view health and wellness. It means you have power and control over your own health, but it also means you have to take some responsibility and initiative in terms of making the time to read it, learn it and live it.

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