I have no sense of direction in a car. I have literally gotten lost driving my children home from school on a route I have traveled daily because I was distracted. Just because I have driven on a highway from point A to point B before is no guarantee that I can traverse that path again without getting horrendously lost. Yet, I can navigate in biochemical pathways. I see the movement of amino acids and signaling pathways for genes the way some people have an innate directional sense in a car. What this book will do is help you to see how biochemical pathways in the body are as easy to navigate as roadways with your car. This program breaks down the complexities of biochemistry and molecular biology to a series of traffic circles and detours and dead ends. If you have learned to drive a car, you can learn to take control over your own health choices. While it may seem overwhelming at the start it is no different than the feeling of being overwhelmed the first time you drove a 3000 pound motor vehicle.

The sheer responsibility of driving a car that weighs over a ton is daunting. You get behind the wheel and you realize that if you are not careful, if you don’t know the rules of the road, if you lose concentration that you can actually kill someone or kill yourself. Driving a car is no small responsibility yet we all learn to do it, and it becomes second nature for us. I recall the first time I sat in a car for drivers education. There were so many things to worry about simultaneously, the side view mirrors, the rear view mirror, looking ahead over the hood for what was in front, trying to remember which was the gas and which was the brake pedal, using the blinkers trying not to speed and of course what to do at a four way intersection without traffic lights. Overwhelming at first, yet over time it became commonplace and eventually driving becomes something we do without consciously thinking about it.

Learning to navigate this program may initially seem overwhelming. But as the many individuals who have been using it for years will tell you, it becomes a way of life, second nature over time. The veterans of this program serve as the moderators on the discussion group. All of the questions I have answered about the program are archived and searchable on the discussion group. The workbook with details for implementing the program is also available online no charge. The PPTs, the DVDs, the transcripts of the talks are also available online at no charge. Once you have a greater understanding of the process you are then in the position to share your choices with your own doctor/practitioner, and have your doctor help you to implement the program. This keeps your doctor in the loop, yet gives you control over your own natural health choices. I truly believe that knowledge is power. The more you know, the less scary health choices become, and the more power you have over your own healthcare.

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