This work by Dr. Amy is an example of personalized medicine which connects mainstream biochemistry and genetic roots yet reaches outside the box of conventional medicine.  The concept of personalized medicine is a treatment approach which is based on an individual’s genetics, and was recommended by the FDA almost a decade ago.  This book, Feel Good Nutrigenomics: Your Roadmap to Health is an amazing contribution to that concept.

I am a mainstream practicing OB/GYN who found it necessary to look outside of standard medical approaches after our son, Federico was diagnosed with autism not long after his first birthday.  As a practicing physician, I attended all possible autism meetings to further educate myself about treatment options. When Federico was 3 years old, I participated in the Autism One national conference in Chicago. I had heard about Dr. Amy and managed to join her talk just as her lecture was starting. The room was packed with doctors and parents with standing room only.  I was sitting in the back of the room on the floor leaning up against the wall trying to write some notes. As the lecture progressed I noticed that many people in the room, although very quiet, were not taking notes. I started a conversation with the lady who was sitting next to me on the floor. I asked her “Did Dr. Amy say Methylene or Methyl? “She replied “I do not know and I do not care!”  I was surprised.  She went on to explain, “I just follow the protocol… I don’t worry about mastering the science behind it.” She said that she started her daughter on Dr. Amy’s protocol a couple of years ago, and she is now healthy and attending a mainstream school. She shared that her family flew to Chicago from Oregon to attend the conference. I asked her why she flew so far to attend the conference if her daughter is doing fine.  She tearfully answered  “To hug Dr Amy and to thank her in person.”

Some of those on the program achieve wonderful results by following the program without delving into the science. As a physician, I am drawn to the scientific basis of the program. At the Q and A session of that same Autism One conference I asked Dr. Amy what type of B12 she would recommend for Federico as I had been advised by Federico’s doctor to use B12.  Dr. Amy asked me, “Is Federico cystathionine beta synthase homozygote or heterozygote?” I said I did not know. She then asked me “Is he catechol -0 methyl transferase positive?” I did not know. She said, “Then I cannot answer your question, as the type of B12 that I would suggest would depend upon his nutrigenomics.”  I did not know the answers but I knew for first time in the last 2 years of our struggle with autism that Federico would be just fine. I came home and told my wife Debby that we were switching our plan for him. Since medical school I had maintained my interest in biochemistry and genetics and I knew that Dr. Amy was correct in how to approach Federico’s health.

Within 3 months of implementing the protocol, Federico ‘s hydrogen sulfate and ammonia levels dropped and heavy metals started pouring out of his little body. This was correlating with his rapid clinical improvement.  Federico graduated from the school for autistic kids at age 4.  As Federico smoothly transitioned into mainstream education, Debby wanted to continue speech, occupational, and behavioral therapies as surveillance, but was told that he no longer needed it.  Federico’s English became crystal clear and he began mimicking my Czech accent for fun, which was hilarious. Federico is now 7 1/2 years old and is a star in the 2nd grade.  His charming and very social personality is loved by his classmates and teachers alike.  He enjoys playing piano, sports, drama class, play dates, and learning Spanish.  People do not believe that he was ever diagnosed as autistic. Having said that, Federico continues nutritional supplementation, and has inspired many “healthy” members of our family to embark on Dr. Amy’s program. Her program is not just about autism. And the premise of this book is that all of us need to be thinking about nutrigenomics when it comes to our health.

Despite the fact that I am member of several national scientific societies of mainstream conservative orientation, I still believe that my mom, Federico’s grandmother, sent us Dr. Amy from heaven to save our Federico. I am pleased that she has written a book to bring the concepts that helped Federico to many more people, with the intention of helping them with this program for health based on nutrigenomics.

Dr. Dalibor Hradek
First recipient OBHG Physician of the Year Award, 2014

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