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Hope & Health Rewarded

“He who has health, has hope;
and he who has hope, has everything.”

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Dr. Dalibor Hradek


This work by Dr. Amy is an example of personalized medicine which connects mainstream biochemistry and genetic roots yet reaches outside the box of conventional medicine.  The concept of personalized medicine is a treatment approach …

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Chapter 1

Why a Roadmap

Changing the way you look at your health creates an open road in front of you, poised for a healthier life. Once you recognize that you actually do have control over your own health and wellness, you can then chart that journey …

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Chapter 2

New Approaches for the
Challenges of Today’s Society

Once upon a time… life was a lot simpler. On the heels of the Second World War, the 1950’s was a time of renewed hope and innocence. When men wore grey flannel suits and women wore dresses …

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Chapter 3

Defining a New Path

Years ago the lead time for my private appointment schedule had stretched to five years. I mention this not to be all about me, because I truly believe that real healthcare is actually all about you. I mention the extent of the …

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Chapter 4

Driving the Car

I have no sense of direction in a car. I have literally gotten lost driving my children home from school on a route I have traveled daily because I was distracted. Just because I have driven on a highway from point A to point B …

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Chapter 5


The long-term goal of molecular medicine, as well as molecular nutrition/nutrigenomics, is to have personalized healthcare that takes into account an individual’s genetic, environmental and infectious disease profile. The combination …

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Chapter 6

Your Personal Vehicle

For the purposes of your Roadmap to health, one way we can look at your DNA that you inherit at birth is a car you are given that needs to last your entire lifetime. This car allows you to travel on your personal journey through life …

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Chapter 7

Speeding Through Life:
the Gas Pedal is Stuck

One of the key starting points for this program, in parallel with the focus on the Methylation Cycle is the recognition of the role of glutamate and GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) in chronic …

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Chapter 8

The Perfect Storm:
Multifactorial Conditions

The role of glutamate in overexciting nerves is just one piece of the puzzle in terms of the multiple factors that impact health. Sometimes, a number of seemingly unrelated events occur simultaneously, re­sulting in disaster. A prime example …

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Chapter 9

Navigating the
Traffic Circles

What I call the “Methylation Cycle” is actually the intersection of four traffic circles. Traffic circles can be difficult to navigate. If you don’t already know where you are supposed to be exiting you can find yourself in the absolute wrong lane …

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Chapter 10

Your Body’s Mechanic

The concept of “one mutation, one disease” originated in 1948, when the Nobel Prize laureate, Dr. Linus Pauling, began a new age in biomedical science with his historic work on sickle cell anemia. Pauling was the first person to characterize a disease at a molecular level illustrating that a mutation …

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Chapter 11

Inheritance and Ancestry

Just as you have one car, one set of DNA genetics that you inherit to last you an entire lifetime, you also inherit the epigenetic changes to your DNA. The extent to which your mother or father, or grandparent’s DNA were methylated …

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Chapter 12

Following the Map
Through the Short Cut

After looking at thousands of SNP results for the Methylation Cycle, there are some combinations of mutations that I have never seen. These would be combinations that completely disable the …

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Chapter 13

Keeping Track of Lithium

At this point I feel that keeping an eye on lithium levels, particularly for anyone adding any form of B12 is critical. At this time no one else is talking about the critical role of lithium with respect to B12. We all recognize the importance …

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Chapter 14

Determine Your
Ideal Form of B12

Once your lithium levels are in balance and short cut support is in place it is time to start to increase B12 support and to customize your supplement plan to optimize your health. Vitamin B12 is a water …

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Chapter 15

Working on the Long Route

In addition to the use of Vitamin B12, support for the long route around the cycle also uses folate. Those with MTHFR (methyl tetra hydrofolate) mutations cannot use plain folate directly and instead use a special form of folate …

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Chapter 16

Detours and Exit Ramps

Aside from MTHFR mutations here are a number of other SNPs that impact the flow of traffic through the traffic circles that make up the Methylation Cycle. The SHMT (serine hydroxy methyl transferase) SNP is like a detour to nowhere …

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Chapter 17

Signposts Along the Way

While your epigenetics are influenced by diet, toxins and heredity, your DNA does not change. Nutrigenomic SNP testing is something you will run only once in your lifetime. Unlike DNA based SNP testing, follow up biochemical …

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Chapter 18

Infectious Burdens

Scientifically, we are just beginning to understand that health issues do not occur as an isolated incident or event in the absence of other contributing factors. Many different factors act together to influence the development of health …

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Chapter 19

Environmental Burdens

In the book, “The Puzzle of Autism: Putting It All Together“ (Yasko) I presented the hypothesis that chronic viral and bacterial organisms in our bodies are able to create additional havoc in your system by acting as ”accomplices” …

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Chapter 20

Methylation Sits at the Center
of Multifactorial Conditions:

This is the most scientific chapter of this book and also one of the most important chapters. Please take your time and slowly read through to understand how methylation impacts virtually every aspect of your health. I want …

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Chapter 21

You Can Lead
a Horse to Water

The Methylation Cycle that I have focused on in this book describes genetic weaknesses in the particular pathway that is involved in generating and utilizing methyl groups in the body. This central pathway is particularly amenable …

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Chapter 22

Spirituality and
Our Unique DNA

Before my doctoral defense at Albany Medical College, my advisor suggested that I bring up the weak points in my thesis myself before they were pointed out by the committee. He suggested that I be direct and honest and make sure …

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About the Author

Amy A. Yasko,


Dr. Yasko has extensive expertise in biochemistry, molecular biology and biotechnology.  In addition she has significant research and clinical experience in both allopathic and alternative medicine.  The common thread that winds through these fields is her work with DNA and RNA and the desire to develop and implement safer approaches to personal health.

Recognized as an expert in the field of DNA/RNA based diagnostics and therapeutics she was a consultant to the medical and research community for over eighteen years. Her focus on RNA began more than thirty years ago when she isolated single copy RNA messages from transformed cells at Strong Memorial Hospital Cancer Center, coauthoring one of the first papers in the prestigious journal Cell on RNA levels of the c-myc cancer oncogene.  Later, while a member of the Department of Hematology at Yale Medical Center …

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